Meeting God at Midnight is a sacred and profound reading experience. Ahuva’s thoughtful and deeply meaningful poems express the poignant struggles of dealing with infertility, abuse, and the bargaining with God that occurs when the implicit biblical promise of Jewish continuity is no longer an option.”

Aliza Orent, MSW, Director of Jewish Life and Learning and the Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning, Jewish Community Center Austin

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Change Your Life Now

We all want transformation in our lives, especially those of us who have struggled with life-crushing issues like addiction and infertility. Recovery is possible. Change can happen. There is hope for a bright tomorrow. What it takes to reach our goals is a desire to see the world in a different way. Sometimes, life takes us places where our dreams cannot follow. That doesn’t mean that a purposeful, joyful life will be denied you.

As a PhD in Transformative Studies, specializing in addiction recovery and radical life-change, I know from empirically that life’s challenges can be overcome. With regard to addiction, the best treatment methods are evidence-based and holistic, treating mind, body and spirit. They are also integrative, using treatment therapies from psychology, Western medicine, neuroscience and complementary and alternative medical practices. Recovery is possible. For infertility, “recovery” involves finding new life-dreams and goals. Your happiest life will be found by creating a community of family and friends who support and encourage your changing life ambitions.

Like you, I have sought answers. Not only was I a two-liters-of-hard-liquor-a-day-drinker who is now sober more than 19 years, I have also gone through the hardship of infertility in a community that values parenthood above all other things. There were periods in my life when I could not get out of bed, when friends had police break into my home to do a welfare check, and when I saw nothing for myself but a heartbroken and lonely future. That has changed for me and it can for you too.

I am here to offer you hope. Our past hardships need not define or limit the happiness we can find in our futures. Allow this website to be the first step on that journey of recovery. Welcome.