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The Potential of Ibogaine in the Treatment of Substance Abuse

I have a very specific agenda when it comes to addiction treatment research. I believe that any therapy or medication which shows promise in treating addiction should be tested for efficacy and safety. At present, many such treatments are not… continue reading »

Please Don’t Try to Rescue Me: Thoughts on Infertility

I am going to take a break from my regular blog posts about the latest research and developments in addiction treatment to write about something personal. If you have read the book, “Ending Addiction for Good,” which I coauthored with… continue reading »

International Conference on Naturopathic Medicine — Paris, France

Today, I’m sitting at a desk in a hotel in Paris, looking out over the city as I complete my writing and prepare to give a presentation this afternoon about the role of naturopathic medicine in addiction recovery. I am… continue reading »

“Ending Addiction for Good” Hits #1 on Amazon.com

While I was flying home from speaking at a neuroscience conference in Jerusalem, Israel, the book I coauthored, Ending Addiction for Good, went to #1 in the drug dependency category on Amazon.com. When I landed at Newark for a brief… continue reading »