Dr. Scharff Can Lead Your Next Workshop or Retreat

Dr. Scharff has been leading innovative workshops and events for more than 25 years. She will work with you on an appropriate curriculum for half-day to multiday outings. You can hold events at your office or at an off-site location, even a retreat center. Workshops are fun, innovative, and support group learning and cohesion. 

Potential topics include: 

  • Team-building and leadership training
  • Creating better mental health habits
  • Changing your personal narrative
  • Writing a better life

Dr. Scharff specializes in workshops for educators and nonprofit personnel, to help them with work-life balance, provide skills they can use for themselves and with youth, and to improve mental health in the community. 

With corporate teams, she helps to identify barriers to trust and communication, while emphasizing fun and stress-reduction skills. 

She also works with college and university students, to help them transition into life away from home, and to deal with the stresses of undergraduate learning, social transitions, and of course, the aftermath of the coronavirus and two-years of lockdowns, with the associate limiting of opportunity, loss and grief that has been experienced. 

Additionally, Dr. Scharff is passionate about providing resources and support to veterans. She helps veterans develop resources and skills to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and trauma. She helps veterans change their outlook to be better able to transition into civilian life. 

Leading a retreat in Costa Rica 2019

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