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Popular Groups and Topics

University Students’ Mental Health: Students across the USA are facing a crisis in mental health and wellbeing. As institutions and educators scramble to respond, there is hope. Dr. Scharff helps educators, students, and organizations develop skills for connection, communication, and support. We start by changing the stories we tell ourselves and learn how to listen more astutely to others.

Teacher In-Service: Teachers around the USA are stressed out, anxious, and in many cases, leaving the profession in part due to lack of support. Dr. Scharff’s teacher in-service workshops help teachers develop skills for wellbeing they can use themselves and transfer into the classroom. Coming from a family of educators, Dr. Scharff is deeply committed to helping teachers improve their mental health.

Women’s Empowerment and Leadership: A lifelong Girl Scout and world traveler, Dr. Scharff has seen firsthand how improving women’s and girls’ leadership skills, education, and opportunities profoundly improves communities, from economy to family, to individual. Dr. Scharff provides a rousing experience for women to identify their skills and create opportunities for these attributes to be best used in community and personal development.

Additional Presentation Topics Include: 

Why I Give: A heartfelt pitch for fundraising events, about why giving matters and the benefits of living a philanthropic life, from someone who has both given and received support. 

Best Practices Using Complementary Mental Health Activities: Designed for a professional audience, Dr. Scharff discusses the most innovative complementary practices to improve mental health with clients. 

Dr. Scharff Speaking at an Event in Portland, Oregon 2019

Upcoming Events


Date: June 26, 2023
Location: Asuncion, Paraguay
Group: Interamerican Society of Psychology
Overview: In “Flip the Script: Experience How Changing Our Relationship to Our Stories Can Improve Mental Health,” Dr. Scharff will discuss how to help clients to change the stories they tell themselves. In this interactive workshop, participants will have an opportunity to look at their own self-limiting beliefs and find opportunities to transform their worldviews, and their lives.

Date: July 2023
 Kigali, Rwanda
Group: Women Deliver

The Society for Consciousness Studies, Applied Consciousness Studies Panel at Yale University 2017

Past Events


Date: September 2022
 Melbourne, Australia
Group: Private Engagement
Overview: Dr. Scharff will speak about mental healthcare and wellbeing in indigenous and rural communities, as well as the ways that complementary mental health practices can improve worldview and outlook in all people.

Date: September 1
 Virtual (New Jersey)
Group: New Jersey Peer Support Network
Overview: For the New Jersey Peer Support Network, I will provide a one-hour skill building workshop designed to help peer support specialists improve their own mental health and resiliency. We will focus on changing the stories we tell ourselves to shift perspective, and using song to improve mood. All are welcome. Registration is free.

Date: June 21-24
Virtual (Darwin, Australia)
Group: National Indigenous Social and Emotional Wellbeing Forum — Youth
Overview: “SING! Using Song to Improve Mental Health Outcomes for Australia’s Indigenous Youth.” While music has been used in indigenous cultures to help individuals heal from mental health issues, Australian Aboriginal groups have a particularly strong relationship with traditional music. Contemporary music and music programs too can play a critical role in helping youth circumvent or heal from mental health concerns including trauma, self-harm, suicidal ideation, and addiction. In this session, we will discuss the ways in which singing improves brain function and how music-based activities can be implemented to help indigenous youth improve their mental health, in particular how music can be used to meet individual needs and preferences and to assist in the recovery of youth with multiple health conditions by getting them to more actively engage in treatment.

Date: March 13-15
 Virtual (Bangkok, Thailand)
Group: Tomorrow People — International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology
Overview: “SING! Using the Power of Music to Overcome Addiction and Trauma.” Music has been used for millennia to help individuals heal from a variety of mental health concerns. From traditional healers to neuroscientists, playing music and singing in a group has been used as an important therapeutic tool. In this session, we will look at how it is that music, particularly singing, improves mental health and try our own “carpool karaoke” to experience the uplifting power of music. 


Date: July – September 2021
Encinitas, CA; Santa Monica, CA; Costa Mesa, CA; San Francisco, CA; Bellingham, WA; Rice Lake, WI; Phoenix, AZ; Portland, OR
Group: Rock to Recovery Book Tour
Overview: Wes Geer and Constance Scharff traveled in support of their book Rock to Recovery: Music as a Catalyst for Human Transformation. For details and images, see the books page on this website.


Date: June 22
Nashville, TN
Group: NFL Alumni “Caring for Kids” Charity Golf Tournament
Overview: Wes Geer and Phil Bogard will be part of our golf team to support the NFL Alumni (Tennessee Chapter) Association’s charity golf tournament. Dr. Scharff will man our booth to share about how music can help children in difficult circumstances learn positive life tools for self-expression and the ways in which the Rock to Recovery program can aid those with traumatic brain injury. 

Date: May 9
Los Angeles, CA
Group: 320 Festival
Overview: As part of the 320 Mental Health Summit, Dr. Scharff and Wes Geer held a panel on the healing power of music to promote mental health and addiction recovery. 

Date: March 19-21, 2019
Bali, Indonesia
Group: 5th Annual International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology
Overview: Dr. Scharff teamed up with Wes Geer to present a two hour workshop on Rock to Recovery. Take part in this interactive experience for mental health practitioners who want to learn more about the healing power of music. Brandon Parkhurst, CCEP, will also give an interactive workshop on Core Energetics. Registration is limited.


Date: December 15, 2020
Santa Monica, CA
Group: The Pretenders Studio
Overview: Dr. Scharff will speak about Rock to Recovery at the #DanceforaDifference event hosted by the Pretenders Studio in Santa Monica. Dancers in the company will perform the song they wrote with Rock to Recovery program administrator Sonny Mayo. 

Date: September 4, 2019
Sacramento, CA
Group: Recovery Happens
Overview: Dr. Scharff will give an inspirational speech on the steps of the California State Capital for Recovery Month. This event is hosted by CCAPP. Join us in solidarity to support those in recovery from addictions of all kinds.

Date: July 16 – 21, 2019
 Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Group: Soul Song Workshop
Overview: Collaborating with Brandon Parkhurst (Certified Core Energetics Practitioner) and Wes Geer (former Korn guitarist and Rock to Recovery founder), Dr. Scharff will provide workshops as part of a six day luxury retreat to uplift and encourage those who want to work through creative and emotional blocks. Modalities include: meditation, yoga, Manifestation Masterclass, Core Energetics, Breathworks, and Soul Song Expression Sessions. Registration is limited.

Date: June 28, 2019
San Francisco, CA, USA
Group: The Annual David E. Smith, MD Symposium
Overview: Dr. Scharff and Rock to Recovery founder Wes Geer presented the lunchtime address on Rock to Recovery’s neuromusicology. Our recording of the band David Smith and the Psychedelics, “I Can Do Anything” can be found on SoundCloud. 

Date: June 7, 2019
Eugene, OR
Group:  Oregon Recover’s Recovery Community Summit
Overview: Dr. Scharff and Rock to Recovery’s Jeremy Bixler provided an interactive musical experience, covering both the brain science of using music in recovery and a rock star songwriting session.

Date: June 2, 2019
New Haven, Connecticut, USA (Yale Divinity School/The Graduate Institute)
Group:  Society for Consciousness Studies
Overview: If experiencing trauma fundamentally changes who we are, does trauma treatment do the same? This experiential presentation with Wes Geer (Rock to Recovery founder and former Korn guitarist) explored the ways in which music changes conscious experience.

Date: May 31, 2019
 Canton, NY, USA
Group: St. Lawrence University (Reunion)
Overview: The St. Lawrence University Board of Trustees is awarding Dr. Scharff the Sol Feinstone Award for Humanitarian Service on June 1. As part of this award, Dr. Scharff will give an interactive presentation on overcoming addiction and mental illness for those in attendance at reunion activities.

Date: April 18, 2019
 San Diego, California, USA
Group: Innovations in Recovery (Foundations Events)
Overview: Dr. Scharff will present, “Flip the Script: Experience How Changing Our Relationship to Our Stories Can Improve Mental Health.” She will speak about how changing our stories can change our experiences and our relationship to mental illness. Dr. Scharff’s presentation is part of a week-long conference at the Hotel del Coronado.

Date: February 28, 2019
 Portland, Oregon, USA
Group: Rock to Recovery Portland Media Launch
Overview: Dr. Scharff will assist Rock to Recovery Founder Wes Geer and Portland Program Administrator Jeremy Bixler as they present, “Rock to Recovery: Using Music Therapy with Non-Musicians to Improve Mental Health Outcomes” as part of our opening celebration in Portland, OR. In this exciting, interactive presentation, those in attendance will have an opportunity to experience a Rock to Recovery session. Hosted by De Paul Treatment Centers. 


Date: October 27, 2018
 San Diego, California, USA
Group: San Diego Psychological Association
Overview: Dr. Scharff will assist Christian Heldman and Sonny Mayo of Rock to Recovery as they present, “Rock to Recovery: Using Music Therapy with Non-Musicians to Improve Mental Health Outcomes.” In this exciting, interactive presentation, those in attendance will have an opportunity to experience a Rock to Recovery session, using a new form of music therapy to treat addiction and trauma, improving mental health outcomes. 

Date: August 28, 2018
 Tacoma, Washington, USA
Group: Air Force Wounded Warrior Program
Overview: Dr. Scharff presented, “Flip the Script: Experience How Changing Our Relationship to Our Stories Can Improve Mental Health.” She helped caregivers learn how we can use our stories to change our relationships with our past and in doing so, change our emotions and our futures. 

Date: June 27-30, 2018
 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Group: National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) National Convention
Overview: Dr. Scharff will assist Wes Geer and Sonny Mayo of Rock to Recovery as they present, “Rock to Recovery: Using Music Therapy with Non-Musicians to Improve Mental Health Outcomes.” In this exciting, interactive presentation, those in attendance had an opportunity to experience a Rock to Recovery session, using a new form of music therapy to treat addiction and trauma, improving mental health outcomes. 

Date: June 27-30, 2018
 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Group: National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) National Convention
Overview: Dr. Scharff will present, “Flip the Script: Experience How Changing Our Relationship to Our Stories Can Improve Mental Health.” She spoke about how changing our stories can change our experiences and our relationship to mental illness. 

Date: March 20, 2018
 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Group: Australian International School
Overview: Dr. Scharff gave a presentation to students, faculty, and staff on what to expect when attending university in the USA, Australia, or Western Europe. She spoke about mental health issues that undergraduates face, including culture shock, and the very real political difficulties faced by international students who hope to matriculate on campuses in the USA. 

Date: March 13-15, 2018
 Bangkok, Thailand
Group: International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology
Overview: Dr. Scharff will give a workshop on how changing our relationship to our stories, what we say about ourselves to ourselves and others, can change our lives. Join her in Bangkok for, Flip the Script: Experience How Changing Our Relationship to Our Stories Can Improve Mental Health.”

Date: January 13-14, 2018
 Seattle, Washington
Group: Limmud Seattle
Overview: There are many topics Jews don’t like to talk about publicly, especially those that relate to mental health – addiction, child abuse, and infertility chief among them. Failing to address these issues often limits opportunities for help and growth. This conversation will look at these “taboo” subjects and discuss the healthy ways we can improve ourselves and our relationships by addressing the darkness in our lives. We will also look at transforming our lives through the long Jewish tradition of changing our stories and our names. This session will be informative and affirming of the power we have to live better.


Dates: June 30 – July 3, 2017
Location: London, United Kingdom
Group: International Congress of Naturopathic Medicine
Overview: Dr. Scharff will give a presentation titled, Sugar, Diet, and the Addictive Response: Is Sugar Addictive and How Can Healthcare Professionals Help Sugar “Addicts?” There has been a great deal of discussion about increasing rates of obesity across the globe and the role that sugar, in its various forms, has in promoting negative eating habits and unhealthy lifestyles. This session will look at the latest research into sugar abuse and addiction, paying particular attention to what is known about sugar as an addictive substance and the ways in which sugar acts on the brain. A portion of the presentation will focus on how naturopathic doctors can intervene and assist patients who may be sugar addicts.

Dates: June 2-4, 2017
Location: New Haven, CT (Yale University campus)
Group: Society for Consciousness Studies
Overview: If experiencing trauma fundamentally changes who we are, does trauma treatment do the same? This presentation will explore the relationship between trauma treatment and radical changes in consciousness.

Dates: March 29, 2017
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Group: Bar Ilan University
Overview: Dr. Scharff presented to graduate students at Bar Ilan University on the latest neuroscientific findings that help psychotherapists better define addiction and understand how trauma and addictive behaviors co-opt the structure and function of the brain. There was also a discussion about the psychotherapeutic and whole-health activities that help psychotherapists improve treatment outcomes for addicts.

Dates: March 20-24, 2017
Location: Limassol, Cyprus
Overview: UNESCO is set to hold its 12th world conference on bioethics, medical ethics, and health law in March 2017. The meeting will take place on the beautiful island of Cyprus. Dr. Scharff will present with others on destigmatizing addiction so that treatment may be made more readily available both to addicts who suffer and support for their families. Her presentation is titled, “The Truth About Addiction: Using Science to Destigmatize Addiction.” It will focus heavily on the science showing the ways in which the brain is co-opted by drug seeking behaviors and how we can use the science to help change social attitudes toward addicts.


Date: October 16-19, 2016
 Cairns, Australia
Group: The World Federation for Mental Health
Overview: The World Federation for Mental Health meets this year in October in Cairns, Australia. Dr. Scharff, Director of Addiction Research for Cliffside Malibu, will give a presentation on the current findings in addiction research, “The Latest Breakthroughs in Addiction Treatment: Applying New Research to Create Improved Outcomes,” followed by a 90 minute workshop, “The Convergence of Neuroscience, Psychotherapy, and Complementary Medicine in Improving Addiction Treatment Outcomes.”

Date: July 1-4, 2016
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Group: International Congress on Naturopathic Medicine
Overview: Substance abuse is chronic by its nature. In this presentation, we will discuss whole health interventions to lessen the impact of addiction on the patient and encourage him/her into treatment if needed. Special attention will be given to evidence-based practices that enhance neurological function.


Date: October 16-20, 2015
Location: Cario, Egypt
Group: World Federation for Mental Health
Overview: Dr. Scharff will serve as the chair of the addiction division for this global mental health conference, bringing together more than 1,500 mental health professionals from around the world. The conference is convening in Egypt to bring attention to the mental health crises that instability brings not only to individuals, but ultimately to nations. Dr. Scharff will discuss the latest evidence-based addiction therapies and also the ways in which political upheaval and threat of violence can create fertile ground for addiction and other mental health disorders to develop.

Date: July 20, 2015
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Group: Veterans of Foreign Wars
Overview: The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) has invited Dr. Scharff to give a presentation on PTSD, suicidal thought, and addiction. The title is, “Veterans with addiction, PTSD, or suicidal thoughts: The latest science and how you can help.” If you’re in Pennsylvania, come hear Dr. Scharff give a rousing presentation on veterans’ mental health and the call that we can and should do a better job of offering our vets quality mental health treatment.

Date: July 12-16, 2015
Location: Lima, Peru
Group: Interamerican Society of Psychology
Overview: Dr. Scharff is thrilled to give two presentations for the Interamerican Society of Psychology this summer in Peru. At the Interamerican Congress of Psychology, Dr. Scharff will discuss, “Addiction in the LGBTQ Community: Higher Rates of Chemical Dependence, Every Opportunity to Recover” and “Giving Addicts Hope: Clinically Proven Positive Psychological Treatment for Addiction Recovery”. Psychologists, researchers, and clinical professionals from throughout North and South America will gather at this bi-annual event. The goal of this conference is to present leading psychological research and interventions to those who can apply them throughout the Americas. Dr. Scharff’s participation in this event is part of Cliffside Malibu’s ongoing commitment to offer the latest research into addiction treatment to all addiction treatment professionals, to help those in need wherever they may be, and to improve addiction treatment worldwide.

Date: June 9-13, 2015
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Group: Toward a Science of Consciousness
Overview: Dr. Scharff presented at the prestigious “Toward a Science of Consciousness” conference in Helsinki, Finland on the topic, “Addiction Recovery: The Result of a Radical Change in Consciousness.” She discussed lasting addiction recovery as a radical shift in consciousness, in the very essence of the way a person lives in, interacts with, and sees the world. This topic was the subject of her doctoral dissertation. Dr. Scharff placed particular emphasis on emerging research into interventions that may cause positive shifts in consciousness, including research into mindfulness meditation and the use of entheogenic substances.

Date: June 3-5, 2015
Location: New Haven, CT
Group: Society for Consciousness Studies
Overview: The Society for Consciousness Studies is having its annual conference at Yale University. Dr. Scharff will present on the subject, “Does a Radical Shift in Consciousness Facilitate Addiction Recovery?”  This conference is sponsored by the Center for Consciousness Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies and The Graduate Institute of CT and Yale University.

Date: May 8, 2015
Location: Austin, TX
Group: The Southwest Symposium of Integrative Medicine
Overview: The Southwest Symposium of Integrative Medicine is the foremost conference in the nation for complementary medical continuing education. Professional naturopaths, acupuncturists, massage therapists and nurses join together for a long-weekend of learning from industry leading researchers and teachers. Dr. Scharff has once again been invited to provide a keynote speech for this event. This year, she will speak on “the spirit of the medicine,” covering the topics of practitioner self-care, maintaining spiritual health and mental balance, and setting appropriate boundaries.

Date: May 2-4, 2015
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Group: International Psychological Applications Conference and Trends
Overview: Dr. Scharff has been confirmed as a speaker at the prestigious International Psychological Applications Conference and Trends (InPACT)event. This international gathering seeks to provide a wide connection between researchers, lecturers, students, professionals from psychology and human sciences and their peers. The conference will showcase presentations, from the most diverse countries possible, to promote the development and growth of research, teaching, applications and new ways of thinking in psychology. Dr. Scharff will present on the topic, “Addiction Recovery that Works: Clinically Proven Whole Health Treatment for Substance Abusers and Other Addicts.”

Date: February 5-8, 2015
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Group: The Evolution of Addiction Treatment
Overview: The Evolution of Addiction Treatment conference is the pre-eminent addiction treatment conference in the nation. It takes place bi-annually in Los Angeles, California. Cliffside Malibu is pleased to be a gold level sponsor of this event. Dr. Scharff will give a keynote presentation titled. “Embracing Hope: Using the Latest Treatment Breakthroughs to Improve Addiction Recovery Rates.”

Date: January 6-8, 2015
Location: Jerusalem, Israel
Group: 10th World Conference on Bioethics, Medical Ethics, and Health Law 
Overview: UNESCO’s 10th World Conference on Bioethics, Medical Ethics, and Health Law will draw leading international scholars to discuss current issues in medical ethics. The conference is hosted by: The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization; The World Medical Association; The World Psychiatric Association; The World Association of Medical Law and other prominent medical and academic groups. Dr. Scharff’s presentation will be on the topic, “When Only the Wealthy recover: The Medical Ethics of Addiction Treatment and Recovery.”


Date: November 10-12, 2014
Location: Rio do Janeiro, Brazil
Group: The Global Addiction Conference
Overview: The Global Addiction Conference will take place this year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It brings together researchers from around the world to discuss addiction as one of the areas of medicine least understood and generating a tremendous burden on medical professionals, caregivers, families, and of course the addicts themselves. This conference is a knowledge-sharing event for all those working in addiction treatment and drug policy. Dr. Scharff will speak on the subject of access to quality treatment, with a presentation titled, “Overcoming Obstacles to Providing Quality Addiction Treatment to Those in Need.”

Date: August 25-29, 2014
Location: Durban, South Africa
Group: The 7th World Congress For Psychotherapy
Overview: The 7th World Congress for Psychotherapy took place August 25-29 in Durban, South Africa. Dr. Scharff spoke on the topic of The Neuroscience of Addiction Recovery: Creating A “Recovery Feedback Loop.”

Date: August 21, 2014
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Group: Lentegeur Hospital
Overview: On August 21, 2014, Dr. Scharff was asked to present on the latest findings in addiction research for grand rounds at the Lentegeur Hospital near Cape Town, South Africa. This hospital serves the needs of township residents in the areas of Mitchell’s Plain and Khayelitsha.

Date: July 17-18, 2014
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Group:  Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology
Overview: “The conference will bring to Ottawa, Canada, internationally-renowned researchers in positive psychology, positive psychology practitioners, clinicians, educators and teachers, business consultants, and coaches from around the world. Dr. Scharff will speak on the topic, “From despondency to hope: Ending addiction for good using a positive psychological approach.”

Date: July 9-11, 2014
Location: Jerusalem, Israel
Group:  International Neuropsychological Society
Overview: The International Neuropsychological Society will hold its mid-year meeting in Jerusalem, Israel. The conference will bring neuropsychologists from around the world together to discuss brain-behavior relationships. The theme of the meeting is “Neuropsychology from Lab to Rehab” and will reflect a broad range of scientific work from neuropsychology and other related disciplines. Dr. Scharff will speak on the subject “Addiction, Neuroscience, and Psychology: Transdisciplinary Approaches Creating Breakthroughs in Addiction Recovery.”

Date: June 3, 2014
Location: New York, NY
Group: Jewish Theological Seminary
Overview: Dr. Scharff shares her insights about addiction and recovery with rabbinical students and faculty of the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. The Jewish Theological Seminary of America is a preeminent institution of Jewish higher education that integrates rigorous academic scholarship and teaching with a commitment to strengthening Jewish tradition, Jewish lives, and Jewish communities. Dr. Scharff helps spiritual leaders learn to identify addiction and counsel those in need of help toward available resources.

Date: May 13-16, 2014
Location: Athens, Greece
Group: International Conference of the Association of Psychology & Psychiatry for Adults and Children
Overview: The International Conference of the Association of Psychology & Psychiatry for Adults and Children was held in Athens, Greece. Dr. Scharff spoke on the topic: Overcoming Addiction: Practical Applications of Recent Advances in Neuroscience, Psychology, and Complementary Medicine.

Date: February 14-16, 2014
Location: Austin, TX
Group: The Southwest Symposium: Integrative Medicine Conference
Overview: Speaks about psychological healing needed for addicts to prevent relapse.


Date: December 22, 2013
Location: Online
Group: Being Deliberately with Beth Dolan

Date: October 23, 2013
Location: Austin, TX
Group: Austin Executives Association

Date: July 22-24, 2013
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Group: Second International Conference and Exhibition on Addiction and Therapy
Overview: Constance Scharff, PhD, presented a keynote address at the 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Addiction Research & Therapy (July 22-24, 2013) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her address, presented to many of the world’s leading addiction researchers from research hospitals and universities in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, was titled, “Creating Hope: The Key to Effective Addiction Treatment.” Her talk focused on the ways we can encourage and support those we treat to embolden them to have the resolve and fortitude to recover.

Date: July 7-9, 2013
Location: Paris, France
Group: The International Conference on Naturopathic Medicine
Overview: The International Congress on Naturopathic Medicine (July 7-9, 2013), in Paris, France, is the premier international conference for the most influential and inspiring complementary medicine practitioners and healthcare professionals who are dedicated to improving patient care. Constance Scharff, PhD, will present, “Developing Holistic, Integrated Approaches to Addiction Treatment That Create Lasting Recovery,” a presentation in which she will discuss how complimentary medical therapies help to create lasting addiction recovery.

Date: June 2-6, 2013
Location: Jerusalem, Israel
Group: Jerusalem International Conference on Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Modifiability
Overview: Addiction is increasingly being understood as a behavioral disorder that affects brain function. To speak to the powerful impact of various interventions on addiction and the roles neuroplasticity and cognitive modifiability play in addiction recovery, Constance Scharff, PhD gives a presentation at the The Jerusalem International Conference on Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Modifiability (June 2-5, 2013), in Jerusalem, Israel.

Date: March 28-31, 2013
Location: Osaka, Japan
Group: International Academic Forum (IAFOR)
Overview: IAFOR (International Academic Forum) is a major Asian Think Tank founded in 2009 by a group of Asian, European and North American academics and business professionals. IAFOR is a mission driven organization dedicated to providing and promoting meaningful dialogue irrespective of international borders. It sponsors conferences where leading thinkers from around the world can engage in important conversations to improve life in each of our respective areas of expertise. Dr. Scharff participated with over 300 academics from around the world in the March 2013 conference on psychology and behavioral science in Osaka, Japan.

UNESCO Conference, Cyprus 2017