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Another Affordable Care Act Repeal Effort: The GOP’s Rosh Hashanah Prayer for American Deaths

It is clear with the latest healthcare proposal, the Senate’s Graham-Cassidy bill, that the GOP has no interest in genuine healthcare reform that would provide higher quality or less expensive health services to Americans. The proposal unremorsefully would decimate the… continue reading »

Why AA is Bad Science…and What It Means for Your Addiction Treatment Options

In an excellent piece in The Atlantic, writer Gabrielle Glaser gives an exposé on the lack of scientific evidence on the efficacy of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and the preponderance of evidence that shows that not only does the lauded program… continue reading »

The Potential of Ibogaine in the Treatment of Substance Abuse

I have a very specific agenda when it comes to addiction treatment research. I believe that any therapy or medication which shows promise in treating addiction should be tested for efficacy and safety. At present, many such treatments are not… continue reading »