Addiction Treatment

“Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.”

Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment


There are few disorders that have a lower recovery rate than addiction. Twelve-step programs, once the only real treatment option available, have extremely poor recovery rates, on the order of 5-10% at the end of one year.

However, by applying the latest research in psychology, neuroscience, medicine, and complementary/whole health practices to addiction recovery, an addiction treatment protocol has been developed that is revolutionizing how addiction is treated. In her addresses and the best-selling book Ending Addiction for Good, Dr. Scharff shares this incredible treatment protocol. She reveals how a variety of treatment practices, when used together on a highly individualized basis, work synergistically to drastically improve treatment outcomes, at least 7-fold better than the best outcomes with twelve-step programs. This process in essence rewires the brain, allowing addicts to lead productive, normal lives.

Scientific advances in a range of fields including applied psychology, meditation and mindfulness, and neuroscience, among others, have collectively been used to create some of the greatest breakthroughs in addiction treatment since the advent of twelve-step programs. These new understandings of how the addict’s brain and psyche work have revolutionized our knowledge of addiction recovery. We have discovered that addiction isn’t the genetic “disease” we once imagined, but is rather a brain disorder, a neuroplastic event in which both the structure and function of the brain are co-opted and changed by addictive behavior. Knowing this, we are able to manipulate the brain in order to create new neural pathways that establish healthy behaviors and the opportunity for lasting recovery.