Live a Happier and More Fulfilled Life Now

Sometimes, life deals us crushing blows. Addiction. Trauma. Death of loved ones. The loss of key relationships. Financial problems. Degradation of the environment and social disconnection. It can be difficult to ride those waves of grief and pain. Yet, misery need not be our destiny. Recovery is possible. Change can happen. There is hope for a bright tomorrow. What it takes to reach our goals is a desire to see the world in a different way and the commitment to take actions based on those new ideas. Sometimes, life takes us places where our dreams cannot follow. That doesn’t mean that a purposeful, joyful life will be denied you.

As a PhD in Transformative Studies, specializing in radical life-change, I know empirically that life’s challenges can be overcome. There is life after loss and disappointment. Yes, sometimes we are given more than we can handle in a given moment, but we also have the ability to develop resilience and put our hardships to good use. We can build better tomorrows for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Like you, I have sought answers. Early in my life, I looked for answers in a bottle. I was a two-liters-of-hard-liquor-a-day-drinker who is now sober more than 23 years. That experience gave me the desire to find out why people change and how even the most dire situations can often be turned around for good. I have seen thousands of people transform their lives and many others bring light to their communities. We don’t have to be overtaken by history and circumstance. We can blaze new trails for ourselves.

I am here to offer you hope. Our past hardships need not define or limit the happiness we can find in our futures. Allow this website to be the first step on that journey of recovery. Welcome.

Dr. Scharff singing backup vocals for Go-Go’s band and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member, Kathy Valentine.
Austin, TX 2019