About Constance “Ahuva” Scharff, PhD

Constance Scharff, PhD

Constance Scharff, also known by the name Ahuva, has a Ph.D. in Transformative Studies, specializing in radically transformative personal experience. She is a full time author and speaker, traveling globally to help people overcome trauma and addiction. She previously served as Vice President of Business Development and board member for Rock to Recovery, a therapeutic music program. She and Rock to Recovery founder Wesley Geer wrote a book about the program, Rock to Recovery: Music as a Catalyst for Human Transformation, published in 2021 by Around the Way Publishing.

Dr. Scharff is an award-winning author. She has previously written two books, the Amazon #1 best-selling Ending Addiction for Good and an award-winning poetry book, Meeting God at Midnight. Dr. Scharff writes regularly for several blogs and websites, including Psychology Today. Her book reviews can be found at the New York Journal of Books.

In her role as an addiction researcher, Dr. Scharff brings the latest in evidence-based addiction treatment information to those who suffer worldwide from addiction and trauma. She has spoken at conferences and shared information with researchers and mental health professionals in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Asia, Oceania, and Africa. Her goal is to eliminate the stigma that is too often associated with addiction and other mental health disorders so that individuals in need of care will be able to receive that support and lead productive, fulfilling lives. In 2019, she received St. Lawrence University’s Sol Feinstone Humanitarian Award for her advocacy and work on behalf of those with mental health and substance abuse issues.

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Personally and academically, Dr. Scharff has an interest in mystical and spiritual experience, the kind of experience that literally changes a person’s life in a moment. She has traveled the world visiting practitioners of various religious traditions in order to help her understand how it is that individuals comprehend God. She focuses specifically on the ways in which these experiences can radically transform those who have them and uses that understanding to help those undergoing deep-seated change to incorporate that change in ways that are healthy and productive.

Understanding that not all people have access to mental healthcare, Dr. Scharff uses her resources in storytelling and other complementary health practices to help individuals in areas of the world with limited mental health services. By re-telling stories in new ways, with emphasis on different parts of the story, individuals can overcome many mental health problems that would otherwise become intractable. Spending time in the outdoors can help individuals realign their life purpose and find meaningful ways to come to terms with traumatic experience and focus on new ways of being.

Dr. Scharff is a member of the Society for Consciousness Studies, the American Psychological Association and World Federation for Mental Health. She is also a life-long Girl Scout.

In her spare time, Dr. Scharff rides a half-Arabian gelding named Cody in Western pleasure events in the Pacific Northwest.