When is the right time to go to rehab? The simple answer is now. Here are seven reasons why this is the right moment to get online and find the treatment center that fits your needs to treat your addiction and if you have one, co-occurring psychological disorder.

Across the nation, treatment center censuses are low. A lot of people don’t want to go to treatment over the holidays. Even though family relationships might be strained, it’s no one’s ideal to be in rehab for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year. This means that many treatment centers in all parts of the country have beds available. If you are a cash client, this can work to your advantage as some treatment centers might negotiate a lower price for you in order to fill a bed that would otherwise be vacant.

It’s the start of the insurance year. Insurance is tricky to navigate, but at the beginning of the year one thing is certain, all the previous year’s payments toward deductibles and annual caps are wiped clean. Get paying toward that deductible now, so that you can use the maximum benefits available to you this year.

You have the willingness. The best time to go to treatment is when you are willing to do so. If you or a loved one has any desire to get support for addiction or an eating disorder, the time to move on that is the moment that desire is voiced. Willingness comes and goes. Capitalize on the feelings and get help while the yearning is there.

Continuing to use can be deadly. With overdose deaths reaching more than 72,000 in 2017 and a similar number expected for 2018, every day of using is a day one flirts with death. At present in the USA, we lose more than 197 people to overdose daily. For those who don’t die, each day not in treatment is a day lost to addiction. You deserve a new and better life. You can start that life today.

Treatment works. Study after study shows that quality addiction treatment improves the chances that an individual will be able to create a quality, sober life. People who stay in treatment long-term have fewer relapses of shorter duration than those who do not seek treatment. If you want a new life, treatment can be a good place to start.

Treatment can be expensive. Addiction costs more. Many people get sticker shock when they see the cost of addiction treatment. It can be expensive. What costs more, however, is addiction. Set the direct cost of drugs or alcohol aside. There are also the costs of broken families, children placed in foster care, and trips to the ER. You can look at treatment as expensive or you can look at is as a way to get your, or your loved one’s, life back. People who successfully complete treatment and work on their recovery become useful and productive individuals who give back to, rather than take from, those around them.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. There’s an old saying that insanity is doing the same thing over again expecting a different result. Addiction controls lives, yours and your family’s. Change happens when you are willing to take the first step. For addicts, that’s picking up the phone and making a call to a reputable addiction treatment facility. It’s a frightening prospect, but you’ll be supported every step of the way.

Take your life back. If you need help with addiction, get it. You and your loved ones deserve it. It’s a new year. Make it a better one than the last.